With Halloween around the corner and the girls will be stepping out in their fanciful ladies fancy dress costumes, it is time to start preparing your man to wear something matching the divine splendor or your own outfit. Here is an idea for a mens fancy dress costume: Tell your guy how to make a Captain Malcolm

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Reynolds Costume. Depending on your fancy dress budget, the ensemble can be put together with custom boots, a top-notch replica pistol and real vintage clothing. On the other hand, some old motorcycle boots and thrift store finds will work just as well. Whether the two of you are attending a masquerade party or heading out on the town, a little attention to detail will turn your guy into this dashing space captain.

The Look

Captain Mal dons his civil war style pants over a relaxed dark color button down shirt; sleeves rolled up of course. The trousers have a side stripe and should fit snug enough to accentuate his lower half. The pants are held up by leather suspenders, and a cowboy gunslinger’s belt and holster are slung from the waist.

If you get nothing else right, the hair and boots must be correct. Captain Mal’s tall boots are a prominent feature—a cross between biker boots and Doc Martens in a deep caramel color. A pair of motorcycle boots in a dark brown shade will work fine. The hair is brown and short, but not close cropped. Think Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars, or Kurt Warner if you prefer. To complete the ensemble, the brown ¾-length coat worn by the gun-slinging Captain Mal is the perfect finish.

The Boots

These are sturdy leather boots with a distinctive joining pattern on the toe. You can order through a craftsman who creates movie replica boots to custom specifications, but they are not cheap. To keep costs down an available pair of riding or tall leather work-boots are an option. If his boots are inappropriate for this masquerade costume, a search through thrift stores may turn up something suitable. This process is time-consuming, however, and only worthwhile if you can locate suspenders and civil war pants during the same journey.

Easier still are the myriad of costume or western shops online. Western stores are a strong possibility for this outfit, and it makes it easier to get him involved in shopping for himself. Quality is important to consider as well, and a western supply store is likely to have long-lasting rugged gear at a reasonable price. Blunt toe boots with smooth leather are the best choice.

The Suspenders

Again, movie replica businesses offer exact renderings for your favorite characters, but charge accordingly. Consider online western supply stores or even the local department store. Leather is ideal, but if there is none available, a light beige or brown will work just as well.

The Pants

Civil war era uniforms can be purchased online, but in this case, a pair of well-fitted khakis will do the job, so long as they have buttons to secure the suspenders. If you are handy with a needle and thread, sewing a couple of buttons onto the waistband and some satin trim along the length of the trousers should not be a problem. For those of you who are handier with a mouse than a sewing machine, look for ‘frontier’ or ‘classic’ frontier pants. These have buttons sewn in place for the suspenders and a pant leg made for tucking into a boot.

The Coat

Numerous choices are available for the coat, and this is one piece it may be rewarding to shop for in vintage clothing stores. The coat should be approximately ¾ length and the worn but not torn. If he has an old brown raincoat, he will allow you to sacrifice, trim the bottom to about the middle of his thigh. Otherwise, those western supply stores offer riding coats perfect for this occasion.

The Pistol

The Captain’s pistol is an important accessory, especially if you will be attending a costume party or a convention with prizes. An exact replica can be purchased at some expense through a vendor called Quantum Mechanix. A less costly alternative is to sift through the offerings at toy stores or vintage toyshops.

With the right combination of rugged space cowboy and handsome style, your man is sure to pull this off and draw plenty of attention at any fancy dress party.

Photo Courtesy:  ~bardwalker – Collin Spencer

~bardwalker’s costume sources:
Belt – Military Surplus store
Boots – Military Surplus store
Shirt – Goodwill Thrift Store
Pants – any department store will do
Suspenders – High-end department store (like Macy’s)

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