Investors who have invested in stocks that are not performing as expected should consider dividend paying stocks.  When you invest in areas that provide steady dividends it allows you several primary benefits.  You can also be flexible in the terms of what fits in your portfolio, some of the crucial[......]


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Privacy is a big issue for many people on Facebook. If you are one of those who would rather share little about yourself on the social networking site, you probably want to control the visibility of your profile details as much as possible.  Facebook gives you the freedom to do just that with much of your personal information. But keep in mind that there are some things you are bound… Continue reading

If you have made the decision to start reading electronic books then you may already be a proud owner of the Amazon Kindle 3 hand held reader. There are so many cool features that you can now start to use. The electronic paper displays are super clear and make it really easy on your eyes. The beauty of these devices is that while they are electronic gadgets, they are… Continue reading

In Latin America, the Quinceanera celebrates the coming of womanhood at age fifteen.  In America, the sweet sixteen party is a young woman’s celebration of coming of age.  Like the Quinceanera, this party has become a staple of middle and upper class, although in Latin America, the lower class population carries out the tradition with less fanfare.

Sweet Sixteen in America

In America, sweet 16 dresses are a… Continue reading

There are many great cell phones out there that do a lot of wonderful tings.  Smartphone technology is an incredible technology in today’s fast moving world where technology advances rapidly.  It is amazing to see the creative ways that cell phones are helping us with our most dire needs and our most desirable wishes.  There are just as many toys as there are work applications.  What makes the perfect cell… Continue reading

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